Seed Bombs


from instructables

They’ve been around for a while – but I really like the idea of these. Seed Bombs… basically little balls of compost with seeds in them that you can craftily strew about the place and a couple of months later, marijuana plants are springing up outside govt buildings etc.

I think they have potential as a form of civil disobedience – against things like the horribly damaging drug laws, and the likes of Monsanto, who should (in my most humble of opinions) be put in prison for attempting to own the food chain.

Reminds me (in a round about sort of way) of the Nazi Trees


That finally (I think) bit the dust, in 2000 – similar to Japanese soldiers in WWII – still fighting, decades after the war had finished… even though (technically) the trees themselves weren’t actually Nazis and were basically just innocent bystanders, so it wasn’t terribly fair if you ask me. Couldn’t they have just planted some more yellow ones to make it say something else?

Anyway, there’s a thing about Guerrilla Gardening here:

A variant of which appears to have turned up in Sweden recently:


Although this is less of a Guerrilla Gardening thing as a… reclamation of our own spaces… and maybe the latter decades of the 20th century was a blip – I can remember the generation that were adults when they went through the 1930s, 1940s – and you simply didn’t get back yards without vegetable gardens. It seemed (by the 80s) kind of old-fashioned, although now to grow a vegetable garden seems more like a declaration of independence, of sorts.

From the internet vapourware machine…


filling the ether with articles filled with words like “could” and “might”, and featuring beautiful designs for things that will never be made, planted (like flowers) in weed-gardens of advertising.


Which I find fairly irritating as you can possibly gather. Experience is everything. Skin in the game is everything. The older I get, the more of an Empirical Puritan I become. If it’s not real, it’s not real.