DIY 3D Animations

This is pretty cool / funny :

It’s a DIY 3D Animated movie maker… where you can choose from a smallish number of characters etc, and get them to act our your own scripts.Only obviously because human learning is almost entirely based upon copying, and The MPAA can go fuck themselves, my first movie is in fact copied from Australian movie The Castle, which is utter genius and I know the whole thing off by heart.

The clip above is taken from here – about 5m, 32 seconds in… which you’ll need to do manually because Youtube’s hot-linking no longer works.

If the xtranormal people want to improve… xtranormal, then there needs to be some sort of control over the close-up, wide-angle shots… and there needs to be an actual controllable timer on the pause. The essence of comedy and all that.

They also phish for your google password so you can publish to youtube, which is a bit on the fucking unbelievable side if you ask me – given how much a google “identity” actually holds these days.

Still. Good little app.