When Wings Take Dream

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen


It’s a real hat-wearing thing where you see what the plane sees through goggles, and when you move your head the camera inside moves around as well. K. For. Cool – exactly what I was describing a couple of years back. From the sound of it, it has rockets as well, which means you could set fire to an entire corn field by accident or something. Fucking great. This is the future of something.


Kenny Logins? Are you mad? K’inell.

If you’re going to be playing appalling 80s Anger Dancing music (

) then I think I’d go for… umm… Jeff Beck?

In which you have to wait around for about 4 minutes before the Original Nigel Tufnell gets to the point, which is a massive guitar solo.

Alternatively there’s this

Which strictly speaking isn’t anger-dancing music, and which makes you wait around for even longer for the guitar solo… but it is kindof an epic guitar solo, if you like that sort of thing. Makes me laugh anyway, and that’s generally a good sign. And then there’s John Lydon of course… and say what you like about John, he does sometimes give the impression that he means it.

Crap for anger-dancing though. You’d be completely knackered by the time it got to the guitar-solo bit… it’d be all “not now Steve mate, I’m a bit fucked. I’m off for a lie down, see you tomorrow”.

Or maybe this one because it’s got Jimmy Page in it

It’s all a bit much really. The 80s came to an end for a reason, and it wasn’t just because it ran out of numbers.

The 80s was shite because everything became about “moving units”. I once found an entire skip filled to the top with Thomas Dolby Singles outside Dave Stewart’s studio up in Crouch end – boxes of them, and every single one had had a black-and-decker put through it. Spirit of the age. Units that failed to move. Generation-X was forced into becoming Generation-X by the relentless shiteness of the aspirations that were paraded before us as culture.

Punk was, and still is, the only honest and reasonable reaction to anything. It’s got to hybridise of course (even John Lydon knew that)… but the bottom line has got to be a fundamental rejection of… what?… Inauthenticity? Something like that. A rejection of control. A rejection of needing to be liked.

Anyway, for me, the greatest guitar solo of the 80s was this

Starts 1/2 way through and goes on for ages etc.