Pocket Weirdo For Your Shoulder


It’s a little demon, that sits on your shoulder and tells you to start fires.

And it looks really familiar for some reason. Pan’s Labyrinth? Something like that. Maybe it’s the marionette thing – rather than having the servos “at the joints” it’s pulling strings from behind the machine. Fair enough – another approach, and really, putting motors at the joints isn’t how nature does it anyway – probably something to do with leverage.

The idea is that people can “remotely inhabit” it… so it acts as a communication device… which is an idea I’ve been a bit of a fan of for a while now… only I imagined the remote devices would be autonomous, rather than being carried about. Less chance of being nicked/kidnapped though I suppose. I think I’d find it even creepier if I knew the person inside it.

On the other hand, it might be really interesting for disabled people… or people like me, who are merely lazy. Instead of going to a supermarket, you just inhabit a doll, and have someone carry you about. I want that one, etc.

Dunno – the whole thing creeps me out on a number of different levels. Really cool machine though.