Of Eyes and Sky

I now no longer know how many digital cameras I have.

I think it’s 9: 2 phones, 3 laptops, one aux, DSLR, point-and-click, cheapy-tiny.

I’m thinking about buying one of those sanyo underwater ones, and another EOS 550. I’m making a film about someone making a film. That means you need more than one camera. Simple maths. Simple maths.

So the war of eyes continues apace. The Love Police guys actually did get arrested (twice) in Canada during the Renta-Police-State that was the G20

The spirit of the age – police telling you that they’re allowed to film things, and you’re not.

So what does the Universal Panopticon need next.

Um…. 360 degree lenses that publish straight to the web?

Cool. Reminds me of The Eye of HAL – though appropriately enough it’s a beautiful blue. And has skiers in it. You can sort out the image in software and make it horizontal.

The quality is a bit el-cheapo because it’s a little hand-held thing… which Sony have called a “Bloggie”…

… which is not what I would have called it. I would have called it a “frabble” or a “strogshite” or a “grimplet” something like that… because every single word has been baggsed by people wanting to make new products… so we’re forced to stagger about the place making ridiculous noises like psychedelic cavemen. I was looking for wireframing apps earlier… “Gliffy”, “Omnigraffle”, “Cacoo”, “Lumzy”. I shit you not. Forget about peak-oil, we’ve hit peak-syllable-combinations. Everyone’s talking shit.

Still – 360 degree lenses… a way to go perhaps. There are various offerings from Olympus etc, and I think I was going on about a home-made variant earlier. Or maybe not. Whatever… maybe these are stuck permanently in novelty land… although, although… the clueless gadget-bot-bloggers do claim that the lens can be used in reverse – and can project onto all the walls and ceiling of a room at once… which would be cool because you could make movie tents – and sit right inside whatever scene you were supposedly looking at… like a womb with violence projected onto the walls.

That’s the world we’re making for ourselves.

Publishing straight to the web… eye-fi cards. and Qik. Easy.

This is how camera lenses are made btw.

Still, never mind about that – the evil empire needs to have a go as well… article here about a town in Mexico that has set up eye-scanners everywhere – that can retinal scan one person a second without them having to slow down or even know about it.

I don’t get these people – how could you invent something like that and not imagine in your wildest dreams that it wouldn’t be used for something evil? What’s the matter with these fucking people. The guard-economy is a disease.

But never mind about that either

Some mental art… that reminds me a bit of universal panoptica



from Justine Khamara who is from Australia, and who’s name sounds a bit like Camera, so that’s brought us full circle then.

As you were.