Little Baby Stovelets

I think these are quite cool

Little camp stoves made from empty beer cans, or coke cans, depending on whether you drink beer or coke.

There are a bunch of these on Instructables, and numerous youtube examples and variants… but the powerhouse seems to be this guy

who sells them off his website.

His name is Tinny. He’s from the future.

He’s made an appropriate technology that can be put together anywhere on the planet… he’s done the whole open-source thing – the “design” is there for anyone to use for free, and he even shows people how to make them themselves (in fact there’s a video of him making one in 3 minutes on his site), but his business is selling the actual physical product (and satellite items). He’s retired, has a massive youtube channel which he uses for chatting and customer support… offers advice on hiking and safety etc… his video channel has videos of his cat…

I really like the way there’s no delineation between life and work and play… it’s all the same thing. In addition to this, the process is the product. The whole life-cycle is there for anyone to see. No secrets. No SEO. No $30,000 site makeovers and Web-2.0 consultancy.

I’d buy one of these just because I like the guy. This is good advertising. There’s no deception or clever marketing techniques – it’s just someone being himself, doing something that he’s good at and likes doing.

So there you go. Here’s a wood-burning variant, with a little electric fan

And an incredibly small one.