Eureka machine

‘Eureka machine’ puts scientists in the shade by working out laws of nature

The machine, which took only two hours to come up with Newton’s laws of motion, marks a turning point in the way science is done”

So we may have come a long way from when I was at school and we used slide-rules then.

[edit] It also seems that a genetic robo-scientist in Wales has performed the entire loop of the scientific methodology on its own… and made a discovery.

” As reported in the latest issue of the journal Science, Adam autonomously hypothesized that certain genes in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae code for enzymes that catalyze some of the microorganism’s biochemical reactions. The yeast is noteworthy, as scientists use it to model more complex life systems.

Adam then devised experiments to test its prediction, ran the experiments using laboratory robotics, interpreted the results, and used those findings to revise its original hypothesis and test it out further. The researchers used their own separate experiments to confirm that Adam’s hypotheses were both novel and correct–all the while probably wondering how soon they’d become obsolete.

The singularity approacheth.

T’would be cool to link something like these to the’s thing about the universal panopticon