Android : Emergent Morality : Precursor #2

I’m interested in Emergent Morality… of this thing that we’re building – The Internet: A billion nodes each terminating with a soon-to-be-obsolete computer and a vast morass of complaining humanity, at least 50% of which has below average IQ.

LOL Retards.

But I won’t go into that today, I’ll put it off again…

So today this hit the wires/waves :

(from) (the music is too spooky. Mute it.)

What it is, is a little app for an open-sourced mobile-phone platform which is currently under the nurturance of Google, of whom you may have heard.

So another site offers a new scheme where people can offer to pay for apps to be developed (bounties) and developers can go ahead and “win” the bounties. Crowd-sourced innovation and funding then. Not that google doesn’t have the resources to do this itself, but the crowd-sourcing is the thing. This is where the genius lies on a number of different levels.

So the first… the very first app to win a bounty, is Torrent Droid, and the social news sites light up like Christmas on Fire, because what it is, is a barcode reader for DVDs that searches the bittorrents for the DVD content, and allows you to send it to your home PC, so rather than buying it from the shop, a pirate version is there waiting for you when you get home.

And the reaction from the Internet?

“I don’t bother going to DVD stores anyway? Why not just do a search on IMDB?”

It’s not going to change anything… but it’s a raised finger to the RIAA/MPAA. You people are so fucked. Nobody cares. You’re finished. You’re like a bully that starts out beating up little kids… and finds that when the little kids all get together and he starts losing and tries to be nice, no one wants to know.

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  1. androidandme says:

    Hello, I am the author of the YouTube video. I think it is hilarious the reaction that this got today. I mainly did it to promote my site and the Android platform. I just picked the Torrent idea as a platform to promote the Android Bounty crowd sourcing plan.

    I never expected to come home and find several hundred emails in my inbox and being on the front page of digg, reddit, wired, gizmodo, etc.

  2. Right on. Oh, they are so finished. When anyone clamps down and tries to maintain a grip on the status quo rather than to innovate and stay agile they will turn to salt.

    True, whether an industry or a body.