Lego-Based Copy-Monopoly Liberation

It turns kindle pages.

It’s like water finding cracks in a dam – information will be free, whether the copy-monopolists like it or not… and really the copy-monopolists just need to get out of the way. Our culture will be just fine (in fact better off) without them – in fact I think our economies would be a whole lot better off if we simply divest ourselves of all rent-seeking completely. Everyone gets a minimum wage whether they’re working or not; no one gets to make other people slaves by making them pay rent. Usury is taxed, land value is taxed, activities that have a direct impact on public services (eg: selling drugs) are taxed.

We have absolutely got to stop this endless flow of money from poor to rich, because right now we’re well and truly into Weimar Republic territory.

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DVD Liberator

3D Printed this time.

I once asked Tony Wilson “I’ve had a pile of vinyl this high (about chest height), which I had to change for a pile of CDs this high… do I really need to go and re-buy all this music I all ready own again?”, to which he crowed with delight… saying that’s one thing where the Movie Biz really envies the Music Biz… we got to change format, making everyone pay for the same stuff again.

I didn’t have one of these when I finally got around to burning my entire CD collection. And know what? I never listen to it – I never liked digital anyway. Vinyl sounds better, I don’t care what they say, it just does.