Knitted Loopiness

I’m not sure why I get so diverted by this knitted stuff… but I think it’s possibly to do with it being

a) quite subversive
b) not as bloke-oriented as most geek stuff is, which gives a fresh angle to the imagination
c) playful – which generally means ideas can be a lot more left-field than normal geekery

And if there’s one thing I like more than anything else, it’s left-fieldness.

So anyway, knitted cameras:

I’m also experimenting with a format for including the entire (known) history of a meme – it’s memeology (as opposed to geneology). It’s a recursive bit of HTML that looks something like:

<div class="memeology" title="Stuffed Digital Camera">
	<div class="via" rel="date:2008-02-22,author:Jenny Ryan">
		<a href="">
			<span class="source">Craft magazine</span>
			<span class="title">Stuffed Digital Camera</span>
		<!-- from -->
		<div class="via" rel="date:2008-02-21,author:Neta Amir">
			<a href="">
				<span class="source">Doll's Stories</span>
				<span class="title">Story of a socks camera</span>
				<!-- any more froms go here -->

and so winds up looking (with a bit of styling) something like:

It has the links to each person/site that found it… if there’s a merging of memes, then it can have more than one parent. There’s embedded metadata about the author / date etc.

I’ll need to contact some of my microformat people to see if I’m on the right track etc. Still, there it is.

Ok… a little bit more blokey – a lego knitting machine

It’s got quite a long memeology that one. I think I’ll need to make a generator for these things so they can all go on one line. Having a massive bunch of HTML in the middle of your copy makes it hard to find things / edit etc.

Ok – back to art, back to reality: Kitbashers

Hmm… maybe these memeology things are a bit obtrusive… it might be better to make a show/hide thing with jQuery.

Anyway, if there’s anyone out there who suffers from a sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, this could be the solution – knitted electromagnetic sheilds for the kitchen.

And finally, something that is off-the-dial cool…

… a lampshade the knits itself. When you switch it on, it knits a new row every 20 minutes… so gets longer and longer. It’s by Nadine Sterk, and is called the Sleeping Beauty Lamp. Genius etc.

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  1. Belle Young says:

    Hello :) I LOVE your Knitted Cameras!! Do you make them for people? They would be an AWESOME original looking prop, and I do lots of vintage! :) Belle

  2. Belle Young says:

    Ohh thank you, love it sooo much!

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