Another one that goes off the dial of the weirdometer: Skinbags. Stuff made out of artificial human skin.


There’s a whole mass of products on their site… and what looks like an offer to make whatever you can dream up… and you can get it tattooed as well.

I mean obviously the first thing you think of when anything new turns up is “Wow, I wonder how we could use that for porn?” but I think this is a little too weird even for that. I mean latex that “feels just like the real thing”, keeps a safe, sanitary distance from the real thing… but (in a reflection of one of my favourite subjects… Androidal Xenophobia) if you get too close to “the real thing” without actually BEING the real thing, the outcome is generally creepy.

Still, full marks for surprising me. What John Peel used to refer to as the “Fuck Me” factor… at least that’s what I think he meant… “fuck me” meaning “good golly, miss molly, I am truly astonished”.

via the most excellent

So that’s today’s ‘Holy Crap’ moment.