Particle Zoo


Stuffed-toy subatomic particles big enough for babies to eat etc… which for some reason makes me think (again) of Heisenburgers – which are little burgers that come in unmarked boxes etc, so you don’t know what you’ve eaten until you’ve eaten it. Until that point, they (probably) exist in different, mutually exclusive states simultaneously.

These don’t exist btw. I just made them up now – but I seem to recall seeing a hamburger chain in Denmark or Estonia last time I was there called Heisenburgers, so who knows?

Anyway – you can get the whole set of particles… “A Universe In A Box” for about $100 – and the person who makes them has given up her day job and now has a little cottage industry… AND has a website that breaks every web-designer rule in the box, including having all the content as massive images.


Ideal for anyone who wants their baby to grow up to be The Thinking Man’s Einstein.