Meta-Memes : Don’t Taze Me Bro

This turned up in a while back:


And needless to say (because it’s brilliant) went around the internet like a bullet – a meta meme.

Well it looks like this particular meme has fallen to earth in the shape of a 3D automaton.


(from : via)

All it needs now is to be made out of lego and it will have “arrived”.

Something that keeps jangling in the back of my mind (I was a wizard before I became a scientist) is this:


which is the cabalistic tree of life – a universal analogue, which (among other things) charts the progress of an “idea” through different spheres of “being” until it finally materialises in the physical realm.

And while I’m devoutly irreligious, and the word “spiritual” makes me feel like yawning and chucking stuff, I am interested in art – and hypernormal-stimuli, and reality maps etc. As Mae Jemison recently said : “Science provides an understanding of a universal experience, and arts provide a universal understanding of a personal experience.”

And I do so love my hypernormal stimuli.

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