Sounds like an older sibling to R2D2, but is in fact this


which is a tiny 3d camera that’s designed to go in a cellphone or whatever – and they’re 720p, which is no mean feat. The future’s so bright, everyone’s going to have to wear shades.

Obviously the first thing you’re going to do is get some of those completely opaque swimming goggles and blu-tak these to the front, with tiny screens inside… so you don’t bang into things etc. Then you’ll be able to do really cool things like erase your friends – or superimpose their heads over the bodies of squirrels etc – which is what I do in my imagination with my friends anyway, which is probably why I don’t have any.

As a soothsayer, I’m kindof conflicted over this one. There are two opposing vectors:

1) Entertainment is becoming more emmersive – it’s an NLP thing; it’s an art thing; it’s a porn thing. The closer an artefact is to reality, the more likely it is to… “catch”… to pluck a string in your heart, or gut, or knob or whatever… but you still need to isolate and amplify those aspects that resonate with the human condition. It’s this interplay between reality and fantasy – you need enough reality to fool your reptile-level nervous system into going along with the fantasy that the borg part of your mind responds to.

2) who could be arsed wearing glasses?

I think I need glasses actually. I can no longer read my medication containers.