Virtual Cow-tipping

This is cool

Virtual cow-tipping etc.

It would kindof be better though if the screens were massive, around the other way, and you sat on the inside of it (not being hassled by massive cows). That’s what’s coming after 3D. 360-degree movies. You could be in space – where you belong etc. Out among the stars.

Or maybe not – movies are all about directing attention – 360 degree stuff is probably more useful for gaming etc. Still… nice idea.

Back to the first one – you could probably also use it for some creepy, weird and totally megalomaniacal sex toy as well – filled with tiny screaming porn-stars who you molest with your (suddenly, for the first time) massive todger. God you people are weird. I can’t believe that’s the first thing you thought of.

It’s not wonder the country’s going to the dogs.