Squat in a Box


Ok, that’s a crap name. I’m not calling it that.

I’m still working (and by working, I mean sitting around and doing fuck-all) on my DIY camper-van idea… because every year I go on a grand-tour and… which tends to mean going up and living in Tallinn for a month… because you can get a whole posh apartment there for a month for the same price as a low-grade hotel across the water in Scandinavia costs for less than a week.

And for double that price you could make a campervan… and at the end of it, you wouldn’t just be left with a hole in your pocket. You’d have a campervan.

But I don’t like existing camper-van designs. They’re pokey and boxey and… well, there seem to be a lot of really nice designs for shipping containers around at the moment. I’m a web-dev. I need a view. I need quite a lot of space for lounging about in. I don’t need to cook, I do need a shower every morning.

So what I have in mind is something modular – to fit any sort of van… or in fact any sort of smallish space at all. A squat say. A portable squat-kit that is actually really cool, rather than being a bit crusty.

So anyway, I collect things that might be useful… and this would be useful because… it would be useful to have a bed where you can adjust the heights…. so it can still be flat when you park on a slope.


I saw these other things the other day as well… modular cushions:


And (also via) these modular bathroom fittings have potential as well,


Or would have were it not for the arse-quakingly bad design of the originating site which means it would be easier to make your own out of your own hand-mined (using stone implements) iron ore, than it would be to find what you’re looking for on the web.

Off-Gridity innit. Connected Off-Gridity.

All of this stuff (however) is for (an by) design fetishists who pay maximalist prices for their minimalism. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in getting people the fuck away from banks and landlords… although that said, the most expensive bit is still a bank of solar panels to keep your batteries topped up.

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  1. Love those finds. I could see myself using the modular cushions, so versatile.

    “maximalist prices for their minimalism” HAR! snorf.

    Flexible, affordable without banks or landlords, and creatively spacious. I’m looking too.

    There’s bound to be a way to charge batteries with something that’s already moving anyway. Soon hopefully. I’m no engineer and even I can see the virtue of magnets in highways that charge the car, as it rolls as it’s supposed to. D’uh!

  2. admin says:

    Well yea – car/van motors are already set up to charge batteries. Eventually we’ll need an all-electric setup though… and once we have that, we’re limited to regenerative breaking. Generators create quite a lot of drag… if this wasn’t the case, we’d live in a very different universe. We have a lot more control over electrical systems though – it’s almost like it becomes a software problem rather than an engineering one.

    But back to solar – a ferocious amount of energy falls onto the average parked-outside car roof every day. Ironically, the solar-panels on an Aptera are there solely to waste it – to dissipate heat build up.