New Frontiers of the Unsustainable : Faux-cycling

I used to have this flat in London overlooking the street… one Friday, someone put a skip outside and filled it to overflowing with all the junk etc from the flat next door.

Over the weekend, people came and took things, left other things behind… and by Monday, the skip was filled with entirely different stuff. Reminds me of the The Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk, which is a really cute idea. Seems to work as well.

Anyway, I scored a load of old ornate gold-leafed picture frames. Put them up on the wall, sans-picutres… which neatly leads into this:



Which I really like… although harbouring the sneaking suspish, that randomly placed and sized windows might be better on the outside than the inside.


Still…. cool, and another example of how our new frontier is the Ruins of the Unsustainable might not necessarily be bad… in fact it might be so good, that we wind up creating more unsustainability just so we can “recycle” it and turn it into something really cool, before it’s had a chance to go through it’s initial incarnation.

Faux-cycling. Or something.

Anyway, I also like this because the people who made it also made those crapalot bags for emergency sanitation etc, and their website is a) bright orange, b) about 3 inches wide, and c) is about 80,000 pixels taller than it needs to be… all of which is cool. And D) everything seems to be pretty much on the same page. That’s cool as well.

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  1. My God, that PeePoo bag is like a miracle. Ingenious. I could really get behind that, er, over it?