Is it because I is White?

Forget about Favela Chic, try some Favela Punk.

Both appalling and riveting, as any good punk should be – this lot appear to have become quite famous… largely to do with an infamous dick-swinging bit in another video. A whole lot more here.

Die Antwoord

Cos for all your beautifully designed… “stuff”, and for all your earnest, striving, well-meaning, TED-headed (standing ovation-earning) world-savingness… the future doesn’t belong to you, or even people like you. The only vitality that “Chic” has is from money… and if you don’t have that, where do you go? You sit around in your bubble of refined niceness, group-thinking contentedly away with other bubbles – and then one day you wake up to find that the world outside has gone on without you, and a new generation has arrived.

Anyway, this video/act could have come from anywhere – if I didn’t know it was Afrikaans I would have said somewhere in the Wild East of Europe… where the wave of the property boom finally broke (and rolled back), beyond it an eternity of Soviet Era housing blocks with fucked pipes and playgrounds with weeds growing through the concrete.

Reminds me of this thing that came courtesy of one Brian Limmond a while back.

As the devil once said, “what gives me the edge, is that they never see me coming”.

Or maybe they do. We’ve had Favela Punk in Scotland forever.

Look on my works ye Mighty, and despair