Throwable Microplanets

These are cool… in a funny sort of way:


Edible cloth versions of photographic microplanets:


Ok, they’re not edible – unless you’re a goat or a baby, which is apparently who they’re designed for. Babies I mean. Kids.

If they were designed for people who might not try to eat them, you could make them even better by making the planet bit out of furry velcro stuff and the trees and cars and whatnot having prickly velcro bits on their bases. Then people could make their own things to stick onto them. Maybe. Alternatively you could have a metal-cored ball and neo-magnets.

Or a lego one. You could play spherical chess. The world’s your oyster, face it. Go forth and multiply and stop wasting my time. I’m busy. Call me back when you need a flood or a plague or something.