Lego CNC

It would be truly tragic on all sorts of levels if someone managed to make a vitamin-free reprap out of lego before the offspring of Darwin et al managed it. Can’t see it happening in a hurry though… or more accurately, if/when we get to a point where a 3D printer or CNC router can produce shiny plastic things to the same engineering tolerances of Lego… then the world will truly have changed. Big time.

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  1. dondo says:

    it would be impossible.
    to make lego parts (like gears) with that tolerance, you need higher precision mechanics than lego. that’s it.

  2. admin says:

    I’m playing with the idea that you might be able to get around low-tolerance hardware by using sensors that allow the system to re-calibrate 1000 times a second.

    I mean we somehow managed to go from stone-tools to gazillions of transistors on a microchip the size of a (little) fingernail. Impossible isn’t always as impossible as it looks.