Another Most Excellent Etsy Video

This is the second one of these – advertising videos that are themselves (almost) works of art, and every bit as engaging (if not more so) than an old-economy agency production.In fact for some reason they’re more engaging… there’s something about a commercially produced movie that makes me think “Oh, right. It’s you. Everything you do has an agenda, and I can’t really believe anything you say”.

eg: this:

Which really is a piece of work… A (or at least B++) List Hollywood stars, fantastic production values etc… I mean really, this is very, very good…

… but I feel like I’m watching an advert. Part of me (my brain) switches off. “Oh right. No matter what happens, you’re going to tell me a load of deceptive shit about your “product””

For some reason I don’t get that with these Etsy videos – they seem more authentic, and the weird thing is, they’re selling these:


Why would I find those more interesting than a BMW? Because I don’t know what’s going to happen next? Because I’ve become hyper-sensitive to the emotional subterfuge that every, every, every corporate advertising campaign employs?

All these offspring of Edward Bernaise?

Maybe this is no longer the Century of the Self. Dear God, I do hope so.

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