Amazing Flying / Swimming Penguinbots

Ok. Even though in the last post I said I was trying to avoid constantly going on about robots, I’m going to go on about them again, because these ones are simply too amazing, and touch upon a number of my favourite concepts – eg: ideas from nature, anthropomorphism etc.


It has a snouty nose etc. Marvellous. They use 3D sonar to avoid collisions and talk to each other.

It comes from Festo – who are a bit of a powerhouse of innovation – the same people who came up with the robotic jellyfish

and the Fluidic Muscles – robotic muscles being a bit of a missing link that I was on about earlier – these are pneumatic though, so still have the same problems at the compressor end.

The robotic fin-gripper in the first video is pretty impressive as well – looks like the claw bit might be 3D printable… one of those things that you can kindof tell is ‘right’ because it’s so simple.


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