The Downsizing of Self-Winders

And by self-winding, I mean you wind it yourself.

The wind-up radio guy won all sorts of prizes (if memory serves) for bringing the possibility of radio etc to people who don’t have access to electricity – and to be fair, I’m a lot more interested in innovation for people at the bottom than people who like to think of themselves as being at the top…

… so it is with a certain wry disdain that I present to you…. The Self-Winding Cellphone, from the posh-blog “Born Rich” which is every inch an expose of the poverty of design-ideas being thrown at the wealthy. It reminds me of the crashingly tasteless Brady-Bunch era craft-fad of sticking seashells to ashtrays – except this time round you stick Swarovski crystals to things, and flog them to oligarchs… or more accurately, fill magazines with them and flog them to people addicted to envy. I mean really… don’t you people feel… “owned”?



A self-winding phone is an excellent idea. Not for people who are rich but for people who are poor.

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  1. Cath says:

    great. very sustainable. should be the new mandate for manufacturers: how to NOT use electricity.