Excellent Car Ceiling

car ceiling (via)

Which is a car roof that has solar panels by day, and lights up inside at night… oled screens etc that change according to ambient light conditions.

But who cares about that? This is a totally cool design – and a classic example of what you can do when you get computer-controlled machines to do the fabricating.

The photograph is taken from the point of view of… I don’t know… a cat probably.

There isn’t much on the BASF website… apart from a classic example of what will come to be known as Early 21st Century pre-World War III, Fascist Design. You know the sort of thing.

corporatist design

I don’t know why they’re always doing that. People in suits, tinted blue… but at least you can see them coming. The really insidious stuff has people who are full of… “life”… like the ones in coca cola or beneton adverts.

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  1. “Early 21st Century pre-World War III, Fascist Design.” Bwahhhaha. (I’m trying to cease typing lol.)

    Give Catsby a camera.