Solar Cars

solar cars

Ford’s electric vehicles are now bundled with the option to have SunPower install rooftop solar panels for about $10,000 after a federal tax rebate. The panels, which are estimated to generate 3,000 kilowatt-hours a year, can fuel the electric car for about 12,000 miles. Customers can also monitor the solar panels’ output over the Web application or an iPhone app.” – PSFK

Which is pretty cool, because it’s a driver/gateway for several different that will take people off-grid, and offer enormous benefits in terms of resilience and freedom from corporate-fuckwittery.

The different techs, being solar (obviously) and remote-monitoring… or any kind of electrical monitoring in fact. I think it might also provide a driver for creating vehicles that aren’t based on the principle of using a ton of steel and glass to get a 12 stone human being from A 2 B.