Space Janitors

This is cool

It’s the sort of project I lie awake at night dreaming about. Probably need (a hell of a lot of) these to get all the plastic out of the sea… although the bits of plastic are tiny etc. Make tiny plastiphile-bots I guess.

Not that these aren’t tiny… 10cm cubed… which is also cool… although it does look a bit like a flight-case.

What will the aliens think when they turn up? I’ll tell you what they’ll think: “Earthlings, LOL” they’ll go. “They’re tiny… and they fly around in little flight-cases”.

I was imagining something more like this


Which is the spaceship from QUARK – which is a 1970s TV program about a space-janitor. I thought it was brilliant when it first came out, but now I’m not so sure.

Unless I’m very much mistook, they’ve pinched the control-panel thing from The Tardis eg:


The weird thing about The Tardis control panel is that it basically stayed the same for about 30 years


and then… the 21st Century arrived, and it actually got older looking


All of which are from here

Is that how time-machines work? Not impossible I suppose, but not what I imagined at all.

Anyway, back to the Swiss Cleaner-bot… not entirely sure I understand how it gets the individual bits of stuff… I mean they’re going pretty fast some of them… like 10km/s fast. Rather than have a flight-case, you’d be better off having a massive lump of blu-tack with a block of carbon-fibre or something in the middle.

I love this sort of thing.

I’m starting a fablab btw. Got the premises oked today.