Throwable spybots

Well it only seemed like yesterday that ludicrously macho clips like this…

where a society that is eating itself alive, throws up as entertainment, incredibly expensive, theatrical and draconian ways to attack and imprison its own population… were ranting on about spybots.

Seriously though, is that what an up-to-the-minute, fashion-conscious policemen is wearing these days?

Welcome to the future. It’s all a game – like paintball but with real bullets.

… still, not to worry kiddy winkies, because you can now get a toy version and at least therein, some semblence of net-value is being created.

via : gizmag (and goddamit, in the time it took to finish the sentence, Sony Ericsson have put out a prettier one

and of course any proper geek… you know, they type who watch robot wars, will instantly recognise that they’re kindof based on one of these:


And if we get bored with that (we won’t, but if we do) then we need to radically redesign our entire economic system. This one isn’t working.

I mean these guys (who’s thing is to set up high-tech self sustaining and self-contained villages, and who have created an open-source tractor, which may look like a bit of a clunkster


but which can do everything that one 10 times (like $50,000) the price does, and it’s utterly indestructable… and they actually cast their own steel to make it, which is incredibly impressive)…

… these guys, are working on the assumption that a person should need to do around 2 hours of work a day to sustain themselves.

And that people, really will create a cognitive surplus.