Rubik’s Cube insanity

Ok, so someone invents a Rubik’s Cube (Rubik) and a couple of years later they’re all over the planet.

Then a couple of decades pass and the internet gets invented and people start putting their Rubik’s Cube solutions up on Youtube… and as this is an attention economy, things naturally mutate. Fast.

I’ve mentioned the subculture of cube-solving lego-robots. There’s also a bunch of people who do multiple cubes blindfolded. The ones that grabbed my attention are these though:

A 20×20 simulation:

The guy provides an explanation for how he did it on another movie. That inspired (somewhere down the track) this… 100×100

Which is accompanied by a noob-attacking monologue conducted via that state-of-the-art medium, MS-Paint.

After that I saw this:

Which is a 5 dimensional version… which really is off-the-scale cool.

These might all be fakes of course. They could quite easily be filmed backwards – but the mere ability to visualise a 5 dimensional cube is a feat in itself… and it’s the process I find most interesting – copy->mutate->copy->mutate.

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