Rubik’s Dodecahedron

It’s kindof like Rubik’s cubes are turning into this platform for people to show off how clever they are… and some are very clever indeed…


And there are 5 dimensional simulations, cube solving legobots, and innumerable videos of kids doing 60 cubes in 10 minutes, blindfolded etc…

It’s a bit like a Turing Test – except instead of a machine being clever enough to pass for a human, a human is clever enough to pass for a machine. The Geek-Turing-Inversion

Anyway, the latest incarnation is this:


Which being a child of the internet, has it’s entire construction history…



a video

And as is always the way, when I see something that makes me go “holy crap”, and I look for them on youtube, loads of other people have got there first and there’s already a whole subculture of people making variants

I think it’s really interesting that the “making” always seems to be as much of the “thing” as the actual physical artefact… and how often the plans are released into the wild wild web for free (in this case in the shape of .stl files)

Here’s Drew showing us how to mould pieces:

Not sure what this is. Looks like a really complicated doorknob. Instead of having keys, you have to solve a rubik’s cube to get into your house. How’s that for geek egotism? “Oh I don’t have a combination lock, I have an IQ test – I’m the only one who can pass it”.

Well, one can dream etc.


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