Perpetual Motion Machines : the new alchemy

The subcultures behind these are actually fairly massive – describing themselves as “overunity engineers” – the example above has been copied (without the success) by a number of youtubees, but there are others – a large number of which appear (for some reason) to be Australians.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these things :

All shapes and sizes. I find them absolutely fascinating. There’s enough material for an entire book of these things on their own.

Probably I suspect similar to alchemy, the value of these things is in the spin-off discoveries that happen along the way… except of course that the technologies being dabbled with here are kindof stuck in the 1900s. It’s physics rather than chemistry, and I don’t think any new ground is being covered here… but it’s still a lot better than watching television.

Maybe that’s the gold that proves the process… assuming that alchemy wasn’t really to do with chemistry in the first place.

Still, I hate to say it, but sometimes these neo-alchemists appear to be slightly more sane than the detractors

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