Flying Ships

Wonderful flying boats that look as light as a feather etc







Here’s one captured by Syrian rebels, from the Syrian govt… with photos…






Spectacular photos – the drone has a camera on top… which is unusual for drones. Seems odd that they’ve left a tripod adaptor on top as well. If that’s what it is. Interesting that they brought it down with a jammer though. I would have used a crossbow, but then I’m a traditionalist.

There are a bunch of them on Kickstarter at the mo…. the price of them is coming down fairly dramatically – much the same as 3D printers did… but I’m guessing like printers (and PCs), (and DSLRs), there will be a “state of the art” price level around $1k (with $20k for pros), because that’s what the market will stand.

The kickstarter ones are:

Neither of which are waltzing home yet – the latter one’s USP is that it’s water-proof… or will be. Getting there though. I like these things.

Speaking of which, there’s some musing here about whether or not microcopters might be better with one big rotor and a load of small ones... which may or may not be the case, but they mentioned this video of a single rotor RC copter. Holy fuck