DIY Algae Farm

This is the future:


Absolutely – I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because I myself have laid awake at night trying to figure out how to turn empty water bottles into algae farms. I imagined they would go sideways though… like these:

Of course when I was younger I could actually tell the future… kindof… which is to say, I managed to convince myself I could learn a lot about people’s inner psyches from looking at the backs of their hands, and their shoes.

Now I’m not so sure… but I must confess, that the fact that the plastic water bottle guy in the first vid also seems to be wearing shoes made out of plastic water bottles as well… well, that does set off alarm bells.

Still, whatever. Sometimes you know things are right, just from the way they look.

I love this stuff. It’s a green alchemical gold-rush. So much accidental greatness is going to come out of this, I can just smell it.

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