3D Cameras

Apparently Fuji have released a 3D digital camera

as reported here (orig : www.giz3d.com), although I’m entertaining mild doubts that that is a real photo? It looks like something from the 70s.

This is a technology I’ve had my eye on for a while because it makes real immersive virtual reality so much more interesting – and there is a tendency for big-budget movies to become more immersive as well – Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean etc – whole worlds are created and people don’t just want to sit back and watch a story… they want to hang out in the world. Games are coming from the opposite direction – sooner or later they’re going to meet in the middle… but for it to be really immersive, it’s kindof contingent on films etc being shot in 3D

So I was particularly interested when this turned up

from Red who are poised to knock the mega-buck film cartel sideways because they can produce cinema quality film for a fraction (and I mean thousands instead of hundreds of thousands) of the price. It’ll change the way the business works I suspect.

All of which reminds me of these old view-finder things that I inherited from my Grandfather’s place – they look like these :

but are from the 1950s – some cool old Sci Fi – 2000 leagues under the sea etc. I wish I knew how to digitise them. Some sort of projector I guess.

Technology never dies… this is one of the ways that tech evolotution is different from biological evolution.