At last – A T-shirt for displaying how much email you have


The interesting bit (I think) is that it uses an Android phone to interface with the web. I am Borg etc. We are Borg.

I think this is proof of concept for something that hasn’t been invented yet. Probably some sort of crowd-sourced sex thing I should think – or a wearable twitter feed.

Speaking of Android – there was a thing earlier where some of those Shanzai chaps in China had managed to make an android-powered iPad – which is mildly interesting because DRM is basically the thing that defines the iPad.

And lack of DRM is the thing that defines the Internet.

And worthy of a post in its own right, but not getting one… but apropos of the battle for the root etc, here’s a little vid about Wikileaks

Cuz if we are to become Borg, then it had better be on a non DRMed basis.

I like that blonde Aussie guy at the end – reminds me of Asmodious from Gabriel – Michael Piccirilli. I thought he was great.



I can’t really think straight at the mo. You may have noticed.