Everything as Interface

Interesting use of RFID to control a stereo


In which roteno.com creates the idea of Imperceptible Computing, in which all the smarts of a system are hidden within it – including circuits, interface etc etc.

Taking this a step (quite a big step) further… to an inevitable conclusion… an entire environment which is a meshed network of RFIDs (and/or Zigbys etc) and sensors that is aware of your presence and every movement etc, 24/7. A Guardian Angel of sorts – but best make sure it’s YOUR guardian angel.

In the meantime (and straying into areas untroubled by the angelic footfall) is a variant on one of my favourite concepts – iPhone as interface to everything:

In which shouty blowhards pretending (or is it real) to be in a 90s Jackass type tv program for Fire-Nerds, provide simple, straightforward instructions for how to make a remote controlled car-bomb of the kind that would normally have required someone (probably quite young and gullible) with a beard to commit suicide. Think of the lives it would save. Kindof.

Still, what do I know. The video’s been there for 5 days and has been viewed about 170,000 times. It has, as the saying goes, gone viral. They also provide a video for sound-triggered fireworks. What could possibly go wrong?