Tablet Controlled Robot

You can tell even without looking, that this is “affordable” in the same way that camera gear often touts itself as being “affordable”, ie: it’s unaffordable.


I find this interesting because of the interface though – very webby… but with manual operations that can be micro-tweaked in code after the fact. I think this is “how” machine-learning will be done in future… until machine-sensors get to the point where “objectives” can be learned… eg: “if you see a hole, counter-sink it” (rather than “counter-sink the following coords”)… at which point a whole new level of instructions kick in… but I’m guessing the “finding of the hole” might be a similar sort of hand-holding learning process.

A wysiwyg for Arduino, I suppose. Or at least a jQuery for Arduino.

You may scoff etc, but Bill Gates’ fortuned was made by bridging the gap between nerd-core and normal human-being.