Flatland Revisited #2

My ongoing fixation with 2-Dimensional media projecting into 3-Dimensional shapes continues…



From Charles Clary @ Society6.com via notcot.org


Excellent. I like art that looks as though it might be edible. I had carpet that was a bit like this once – when I was going through my squatocracy phase… I managed to aquire a load of carpet offcuts from some billionaires yacht (a Getty or something) – wasn’t big enough to cover the whole floor, so I made it into layers… like a carpet lava-lamp that was about 10 layers deep where it touched the walls. A bit like what the Pink and White Terraces were like in NZ, before they were destroyed etc.

Modular cloudy whispy papery thing with shapes etc.




All handmade with recycled paper, ‘Cloud Walk’ celebrates the spatial relationship between people and the city – the existing, proposed and imaginary London.“, it says. Really? I thought it looked more like a “Modular cloudy whispy papery thing with shapes etc”… but like, I never went to art-school so I never learned to talk.

Still… fantastic. I love this stuff.

Ok… I’ve bungled. I’ll admit it… I thought I had three things to show you, but I seem to have lost one (the browser tabs of my mind are scattered hither and yon, piling up on dusty shelves like gloomy amber specimen-jars in a Victorian apothecary)… so instead of another flatland thing, I’ll go for the batty art of Nik Ramage, who makes such gems as finger-drumming machines…


and gadgets that pull their own plugs out…

From Dezeen

and so on. Marvelous. There are loads of videos on his site, but they’re not youtuby so I can’t embed them. The picture above is a bit weird as well.


Ok – I’ve remember what the other flatland thing was now…


from Tjep… which is quite an interesting Design Co from Holland.