Fairly Impressive 3D Printing

This just turned up from Cory Doctorow on the Twitters


And I know absolutely nothing about it, other than the comment underneath, which says

“The color was done by the same printer, at the same time. According to Hugh, the printer alternates between volumetric passes and color passes, using two different heads.


They come from a Canadian museum, presumably the ROM. The 3D printer was developed with Canada Research Council money. That’s all I know!”

If this is the case then they’ve just knocked out a fairly massive chunk of post-printing work. Z-Corp do colour printing but the colours don’t look as deep as this. Another step forward I’d say – if it is what I think it is.

I think the multi-head thing is fairly crucial. For 3D fabbing to really work, the machines need to be able to handle a variety of tools.