Daylight Bulbs from Plastic Bottles

Another one for the Appropedia

(from : and the conversation in the comments contains a fair bit of knowledge as well)

Which is something that has caught on, and proliferated throughout the entire neighbourhood. What we need to do (now that 1/2 the human race have cellphones) is to hone the teaching-aids… video, text, diagrams etc etc such that information like this can be spread rapidly, globally.

While it may not be practical to overlap this with the Sodis water disinfection thing, it’s not a million miles away.

Speaking of which, here are some neat designs for bottles specifically for sodisifying.



Which in some ways misses the point, but raises points of its own… maybe the way around dumping/recycling the billions of plastic containers that we throw away each years is to make them useful in their own right.

As an even more tangential aside, I bought a bottle of water here in NZ the other day – the container of which boasted it was made of cellulose… looked and felt (and tasted) just like a normal plastic water bottle. I left the empty container on the seat of my car in the sun – when I came back it had shrunk to the size of a lightbulb.

So that’ll be things going full circle. Kindof