This is a neat thing from last year… and every-inch, a solution looking for a problem

But it kindof points to a similar syndrome that Clay Shirky anecdotally highlights when he says “any 3 year old can tell you, a screen without a mouse, is broken”. There is a substrata of early adopters for whom a gadget that isn’t hackable, really isn’t that interesting… in fact, it’s kindof dead. If you can’t use it to memetically replicate variations, then it’s about as interesting as a computer without a web connection.

This thing is programmable… but that’s not quite the same thing as hackable.

Well… maybe it is. Maybe everything’s hackable. It’s compact design kindof makes it difficult to add things though. Really it’s less interesting than this : 

which is a wifi controlled arduino… and now you can get the http://www.ponoko.com will cut them out for you as well, for a small fee etc

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