Are we there yet?


The future.

Oh. That. Don’t know.

Chinese Scientists teleport information over 10 miles. Life in a test-tube. (The Obama Admin taking an interest – aka the greedy leading the blind). Cameras that scan your retinas, even with eyes down-cast, as you walk by without you knowing…


You may well ask

So the teleportation isn’t really teleportation – but it’s right out there on the fringe – so far beyond what I can imagine that I fall back to some 19th century atemporal hash and think “Skynet is going to be Chinese?”.

So wtf is this?


I have no idea – but I’ll tell you what it looks like. It looks like that thing that ate Sam Neil in Even Horizon… or this:


Which is a (very common) protein that some peeps in Boston have just managed to use to make nanoscale bio-lasers.

I’m sorry… bio-what? WTF is a bio-laser?

The unfortunate thing about all this is that the first applications… the first people who get to “make stuff” out of it, are the same people who’re into invisible tanks or robot-fired, rocket-propelled, exploding string

… followed closely I suppose by whoever has the most money – that other-world, the people-behind-the-walls. In the black towers, or in super-yauchts on the Med. Apparently Canada’s security bill for hosting the G8 talks next month runs to a billion dollars. The guard-economy never had it so good – but it is a type of gilded house-arrest. Always on-edge.