And the eyes… have it #2

Bionic Eye: Augmented iPhone Awesomeness in App Store gusheth Gadget Lab at Wired.

Is that impressive? I guess it is.

Begin’ your pardon, but me being a harbinger of doubt and doom… isn’t this an app for turning the interesting bits of town into the incredibly fucking boring bits? that look the same in any town, anywhere on the planet?

How about an app that doesn’t add big-chain franchise advertising, but erases it… not just from virtual reality, but from actual reality as well? A sort of Augmented Reality, Ad-Block Plus.

Since when did you need an application to help you see a fucking McDonalds sign? There’s nowhere in the world you can go to get away from the fucking things.

So… Augmented reality. That talk by Bruce Sterling was all inspiring and all, but I’ve yet to see anything that goes anything beyond eye-candy and advertising… and believe me, we do not need more advertising… particularly not for global blandishment brands.

Early days I guess.