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3D printed house cockups from the future. Probably.

plantplastic (from)

Dude making plastic from gen-engineered plants. Algae’s the future though because you don’t need dirt. As someone in the comments said ” It seems the scientists have been taking about this sort of thing, and perhaps more importantly biodegradable plastics for quite a while but nothing ever comes of it” which you could also say about almost everything else.


View of earth from a UFO… or in this case, an FO. The person in the photie is in an Astronaut band

which is not (as far as I can gather) rocket science.


Google Voice, gets onto the iPhone (a doomed platform) and Androids can now be used as money. The smartphone revolution proceeds apace…

… but remember kiddiwinkies, that THE killer-app of the network, is the ability to bipass the legacy, scarcity economies – that will relentlessly try to turn the abundance of the web into restricted, “owned” territories. eg : 1, 2, 3 – and that’s just from today.

That is why apple doesn’t just suck, but why it’s evil and repugnant. Oh… and the Beatles are finally on iTunes – an event that took longer for the greed-heads to agree, than it took for Rock and Roll to evolve the beatles in the first place… and if (as it is) the copyright on recorded works is 50 years, all of the beatles stuff will become public domain in the next 3-10 years.

Only they’ll change the laws, because (as Dave from Blur once said) The Industry is attempting to rob society of its birthright… so as a special anniversary, I’m going to pirate the entire EMI catalogue and give it away to everyone I know. It’s owned by a fucking bank now anyway.

I used to know this guy (Dave Newton) (Actually I still know him) who amazed (and confused) me back in about 1987, because he didn’t listen to any music made before 1980. I was gob-smacked, because in my opinion, ALL the best music was made before 1980.

I’m beginning to see his point though – the shock of the new. I’m only really interested in new stuff now. The past is over. The past is about a petabyte of digitised files – tied up in legalistic barbed-wire, and are basically locked out of the recombinant culture (and culture IS recombinant).

Well legally anyway – so we’ll just do it fucking illegally… but the present is so much more alive than the past.

I seem to be going through a particularly negative phase of late.

Not sure why. Possibly because I’ve been working overtime for months now… and the vast bulk of anything I earn is spent before it even turns up… and it sure seems to turn up slow. All the projects that I’d rather be working on are being deferred in favour of never-ending bug-fixes, and the hard-ware infrastructure is falling apart at the seams.

Fucking treading water, and it’s not only November, its 1/2 way through November… so I owe a load of tax already that I can’t afford to pay. The first decade of the 21st Century has about a month and a half to go. Are we happy? Not really no… feeling entirely disenfranchised – and am… (as a consequence) looking for a fight.

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  1. You were incredibly generous to me. All I can do is hope everything good you’ve given comes back to you in kind.