Soft Stroke Sensors and Wanking Eggs

Firstly, DIY touch-sensitive fabric:


From Craftzine – lots of conducting wires sewn close together that behave in different ways according to how they’re touched.

One of the ways that living organisms differ from machines is that we’re covered by a sensor-layer. The things above don’t work by tweaking hairs (unless you count whiskers) and even if they do, it’s not due to bare electrical wires (which will have trouble with water), but this (I think) is a step in the direction of increasing robotic tactile sensory resolution. I think what we’ll eventually wind up with is some sort of web of piezo cells embedded in a gel.

Speaking of which, and going directly into NSFW-Land, check this out:


Solving problems you never knew you had. Their site has all manner of remarkable gadgetry, the bulk of which seems to be use-once, and about $20 US a go, so you wouldn’t want to bungle it etc. As you occasionally do.

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  1. Tenga says:

    Tenga eggs are cool!