Uber-dexterous robot hands

Ok, you’re scaring me now:

from : via botjunkie.com

From the Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory, University of Tokyo.

I heard this podcast from Paul Saffo last night in which he said we’ve been through these various “ages” which are caused by technological innovations – so in the

– 80s we had computers, courtesy of cheap microprocessors
– cheap lasers allowed us to create the communications boom
– and now we’ve got a revolution in cheap sensors going on, and that’s going to cause a robotics revolution.

The computers of the 80s that learned to talk to each other in the 90s are in the process of learning to negotiate physical environments. They’re breaking free. It’s like Lawnmower Man all over again, but with real lawnmowers.

Which brings me back to the iPhone – being used as a sensor-bank, rather than a cellphone. It’s cephalic. It’s a detachable, pocket-head.



Crazy old Nick wasn’t so crazy after all.

Actually, you might want to mute the sound on that last video – to avoid a situation where you wind up punching your computer in the face etc.

(goes off, comes back)

There are about a million versions of that song on Youtube:

Thy drugs are quick.

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