Podmobiles for The Matrix Generation

Ok, I know I go on about how much I hate electric cars that look like teapots AND speculative stuff, which is all could/may/might… and go on about it and on and on etc, so obviously I’ve got some sort of issue…

… but I actually quite like this, even though it’s speculative, AND it’s an electric car that looks like a teapot, because it’s kindof way out on the edge.

It’s a car concept that has 360 degree immersive, augmented reality, so when you drive through traffic, it can look like you’re underwater surrounded by sharks, or on the planes surrounded by wilderbeast etc. Not only does it look like a pod from The Matrix, but it kindof behaves like one as well.

(from Jeongche Yoon via)

Like a surround-sound/sensory-deprivation version of the personal-cars from Wall-E.

I know it’s only concept, that’s highly unlikely to actually happen etc – but it’s not yet another incremental innovation. It’s transformative. It’s like De-Bono’s Square wheel concept where thinking of something impossible opens doors and makes connections that you wouldn’t normally consider.

The genius of this I think… is that while everybody (yea, well. Kindof) is thinking about making cars that are skinnable the way that wordpress is skinnable, this thing turns that idea inside out, and skins the whole of external reality. Brilliant.