Androidal Xenophobia

Being the condition that hasn’t quite made itself apparent yet (but it will), by which we can anthropomorphise just about anything…


but for some unaccountable reason, attempts at facsimiles of people are really creepy.


which is another service where for a small (ie: large) fee, you can turn your vague appearance into a little robot thing. This happens via and

who have this amazing service where you can upload a couple of pictures and they’ll make a 3D digitised version, which makes you look even more fucking weird than you do in real life.

“Apply your face to many items” they suggest. What? Like egg-cups? Soap-on-a-rope? Your actual face?… How about wall-papering the toilet with hundreds of them?

Ok you’re scaring me now.

I can think of endless possibilities for this, and not a single one of them doesn’t give me the creeps.

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