Ecotricity’s wind-powered sports car

A while back I went on about Jeremy Clarkson’s review of a Tesla… which he was generally impressed with, but took fright at the price.

It appears that The Ecotricity guy has built one… and the development costs have been less than the cost of a single unit of the Telsa.

It is faster out of the blocks than a V12 Ferrari and can do 0-60mph in four seconds. It will go faster than 140mph and can be fully charged over lunch. But the most remarkable thing about the first British electric supercar is that it is not being built by one of the world’s great car companies with a limitless research budget, but has been knocked up in a few months by some middle-aged engineers in a Norfolk garage from off-the-shelf parts mostly available on the web – Guardian

To be fair, they’ve borrowed a fair bit of development costs by basically nicking the design of a Lotus Exige… still, an electric car that doesn’t look like a tea-pot.

I think we’re going to be seeing more of this sort of thing… largish companies that belong in the 21st century rather than the 20th setting up innovation labs where groups of very smart people are allowed to “play”.