Jesus the Knife Guy

Ok. This isn’t Jesus the Knife Guy – it’s a guy showing you how to make steel in your backyard.

Which will come in handy if you accidentally get transported back in time to the 14th century… and is also core-knowledge for The Civilisation Seed as theorised about by Kevin Kelly… which will come in handy when our civilisation collapses… and lets face it, for billions of people on this planet, it kindof already has.

More on that later.

This isn’t Jesus the Knife Guy either. I like this guy though – he’s talking about Damascus Steel – which is what Samurai Swords are made out of, and which is the stuff of myth. He briefly touches on dungeons and dragons as well, and I am quite interested in memetic etymology etc.

Ok. This is Jesus the Knife Guy

What’s going on in his mind I wonder. It looks like he’s watching television. I wonder what he’s watching.

Obviously there are loads of tutorials etc, where you can learn to do this as well, and I expect at some point there will be accompanying instructables showing you how to sew your fingers back on using only your toes etc.

Kids, don’t try this at home. In fact don’t try anything at home. Just smoke a lot of dope, and watch TV. Please.

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