The Toy’s Crusade

The Robotic Invasion continueth, from small beginnings… it comes. From multiple angles it comes.

Do we know what it’s for yet? Do you know what it is yet? Nope. Not really. A weird revolution that seems to be driven not by necessity, but fantasy – and other people’s fantasies at that.

Dancebots – a little bit cute, a little bit spooky. Who said white guys can’t dance? Well… me basically. Still.

AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

A video of a star-wars walker thing, that’s been made to do all the things that make dogs so annoying.


DIY Drones have a new quadracopter, that looks to me like they’ve gone a bit mainstream – into the zone where the price nose-dives, and they turn up duty-free at Hong Kong Airport, costing next to nothing. Although right now, this one is $400.

Gaui 330X Quadcopter Aerial Video from PhotoShip One on Vimeo.

Self-folding Origami

Everyone is going on about this at the moment.


Security-bot for the extra-specially insecure.

I haven’t gone on about the relationship between toys and weapons for a while – there is a connection though, and it’s becoming more and more entangled. Fantasies of violence, the distancing of the warrior from his victim, the distancing of the public from the wars they fight. Toys, people, people, toys. Nothing is real.